My interest in soil biology started when I really dove into researching what life in the soil looked like. After digging into it I decided to start a formal education into the subject with the end goal of consulting for farmers who seek out the specialized help needed to regenerate the land.

After tons of research I decided to join world renown Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web School. I plan on expanding into a complete consulting service in the future but currently only offer Microscope Lab Testing.

The ethos at Among the Roots is to provide the most up to date microscopy with highly accurate levels of morphology to assist farmers goals in attaining a complete balance of soil microbes.


Fungal hyphae can sequester carbon from our atmosphere and is an underutilized factor in the fight against climate change. As more farmers adopt soil regeneration practices through a biological approach the more carbon can be pulled out of our atmosphere into a form that also helps our gardens and farms thrive.

Farming is challenging and the dynamic nature of global warming just adds to that. Adapting to the changes is what nature does best and a diverse soil microbe community can help with thi. Beneficial soil microbes help create nutrient dense crops as well as easing the work load of the farmer. Working together with a biological approach we can allow natures solutions to assist us in providing what is needed for our communities and financial goals.

-Joel Siebe