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Soil Biology Testing

Test Includes:

  • Results include presence/absence of microbe life including

    • bacteria

    • fungi

    • ciliates

    • amoeba

    • protozoa

    • flagellates

  • Rating system from "Not Present" to "Very High Levels" depending on what is your desired plant type and basic recommendations of desired biological levels.



  • 1 Test          $55


  • 2+ Tests       $50

  • 5+ Tests & bulk  (please email for details/scheduling)


*We do not want our test to be cost prohibitive and will offer tests on a donation based level if needed to support the movement of soil and land regeneration. If you cannot afford my services I will not turn you away. I also work on a trade basis! Lets chat! Please use contact form to reach out to me!

What to do next?

Sample Collection

Place soil sample in a bag that seals well.
Make sure the bag is only filled halfway with sample and with lots of air to keep the microbes happy.

Liquid Samples fill a plastic bottle halfway
Tape the Lid

Sharpie your Name, Date, Desired Crop On the Outside of the bag or bottle

Ship asap with USPS Priority   or overnight to:

In the process of moving.

Sample Drop off locations in Laytonville soon...


Payment Options

We take most credit cards online soon...

Send Check or Money Order with your sample

payable to "Among The Roots LLC"